Beverly’s past reads like fiction but her credentials speak for themselves.

*   From three Elvis Presley movies, to more than seventy Red Skelton Shows, to a guest-star appearance on the Jack Benny Show, to portraying herself in Breakfast at Tiffany’s with Audrey Hepburn, Beverly goes from a questionable past to a future of answers.
*   From twenty-five years of reading Scripts for Hollywood to another twenty-five years of reading Scriptures for God, Beverly’s life brings dignity to the meaning of God’s grace.

“How did I get here from there?”

Beverly’s story reads like fiction but is filled with tell-all accounts of how one woman fought to bring light to herself and the darkened family she was born into.   She went through the garbage dump but came out a rose through the power of one praying grandmother.  Explore and learn with Beverly as she stumbles into her future not knowing where she is headed.  This is a book about God’s light and the lure of Hollywood’s spotlight.