Beverly’s past reads like fiction but her credentials speak for themselves.

*   From three Elvis Presley movies, to more than seventy Red Skelton Shows, to a guest-star appearance on the Jack Benny Show, to portraying herself in Breakfast at Tiffany’s with Audrey Hepburn, Beverly goes from a questionable past to a future of answers.

*   From twenty-five years of reading Scripts for Hollywood to another twenty-five years of reading Scriptures for God, Beverly’s life brings dignity to the meaning of God’s grace.

“How did I get here from there?”

Beverly’s story reads like fiction but is filled with tell-all accounts of how one woman fought to bring light to herself and the darkened family she was born into.   She went through the garbage dump but came out a rose through the power of one praying grandmother.  Explore and learn with Beverly as she stumbles into her future not knowing where she is headed.  This is a book about God’s light and the lure of Hollywood’s spotlight.

To Minister

To Actress...

From Dancer...

Rev Bev

Elvis Presley 

Jack Benny

We are happy to announce, “Passing the Baton of Light” has now been released. You can order online from the links below or order at your local bookstore.

-Beverly J. Powers